I talked to the neighbour. It is his last year at the university. He is very bright and very much into hospitality business (that’s his degree, which I am sure will be with distinction when the time comes next year). “What are you doing this weekend?”, – he asks.

“Oh, do you know Hugo…” – I start.

“Of course!” He looks at me with disbelief. “The number one cocktail last year. Still popular”

Hugo Wolf, I mean”

After a bit of confused silence: “That friend of your husband who…” (Sorry, Hugo, if you are reading this. Some sentences better left unfinished. You know the boy ).

Hugo Wolf is another Austrian composer who is not necessarily totally forgotten but  is not really known today either.  He was famous for his revolutionary use of tonality to underline meaning. One of his most famous works is “Italian Serenade”.

What we are going to on the 15th of October is the concert at Burg Perchtoldsdorf.  The title is “Hugo-Wolf-Serenade”. Matthias Fletzberger on piano. And Andreas Schager – wonderful voice.

Wagner, Smith’s aria from “Siegfried”.