Muerzzuschlag. Early Music.

Miracles happen when you least expect them.

Would you join us for an evening of some baroque music? – ask friends.  Of course. When? Second of November. Where? Muerzzuschlag. Not that I’ve ever heard the name of that place.  Who is playing, what is the programme – I don’t know why we didn’t ask. Maybe, because we trust their taste? Maybe, because there were other things to talk about?

An hour drive. Chilly November evening. A modern building – art centre, or what they say in Austria – Art House (Kunsthaus). Tickets a bit more expensive than what you would normally expect, but not to the point that you start thinking “why?”. We get the programme. We keep talking, I don’t look at it.

And then – Rolf Lieslevand and Lorenz Duftschmid

Muerzzuschlag  ( )is now my favourite place on Earth. At least when it sounds like the music below.