2017 – the year of organ.

Finding the right concert to go to is never easy. First of all, timing. The best things always happen when you have something else arranged for that very evening. Second, if you are not fluent in German, your search is limited. And even if you are lucky enough to find the right page there is still a task left to try to make some sense out of it. If the event is local, there would be hardly any translation into English there. Third, not all the information about classical music is on the web. Print matter is still the preferred means of communication in Austria.

KULTUR.REGION.NIEDERÖSTERREICH  is the little local magazine for Lower Austria, far from glossy but full of gems. Who knew 2017 was the year of the organ? Apparently, it is according to this publication. At least in Lower Austria. The programme is the result of cooperation between music schools and churches. It runs through summer with some concerts scheduled for October and November.

Looks fabulous. The only thing left is to figure out how to get tickets without writing or speaking in German. Otherwise, the contact is

MMMag. Markus Göller

+43 664 848 53 73


more information http://www.musikschulmanagement.at/de/?tt=MUSIK_R36&id=90858 

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