More about Weinzierl and its MUSIKFEST

Weinzierl Palace near the town of Wieselburg (approximately 80 minutes drive from Vienna) is not well known internationally but has a very significant connection to chamber music.

It is here that

  •      Joseph Haydn worked during his early years,
  •      he composed his very first string quartets,
  •      the annual Haydn Festival,  MUSIKFEST SCHLOSS WEINZIERL takes place. You can read more about the history of the festival here.


The Altenberg Trio Wien, the founders of this festival, is  a  piano trio formed in  1994  in  Vienna.  The Tiro is  named after a  Viennese poet  Peter  Altenberg.  Since its debut during the  Salzburg  Mozart Week in  1994,  it is one of the few full-time piano trios in  Europe.

The ensemble became trio-in-residence of Vienna’s Gesellschaft der  Musikfreunde  (Musikverein)  where they perform an annual series of concerts in the Brahms-Saal.  Their repertoire encompasses more than  250  piano trios,  among them works that were composed specifically for and premiered by the  Altenberg  Trio,  such as  Douglas  Weiland’s  First  Trio,  opus  22  (1995) or the piano trio by the Austrian composer Friedrich Cerha (2007), which he dedicated to the Altenberg Trio.

In  1999,  following the  release of  their recording  of the  complete  Schumann piano  trios,  the  Trio received  the  Robert  Schumann  Award of  the  City of  Zwickau.   Their recording  of trios from  Ives  (Piano  Trio),  Copland and  Bernstein  (Piano  Trio)  won the  Edison  Award in  Amsterdam in  2000.

Since the 2012/2013 season, the Altenberg Trio includes Christopher Hinterhuber, piano, and Christoph Stradner, violoncello, as new members. Amiram Ganz, violinist and founding member of the trio, continues to contribute his art and experience to the ensemble. Christopher Hinterhuber and Christoph Stradner together with Amiram Ganz stand for “Continuity in Change”.