Frau Luna – a premiere. Ybbsfeldhalle.

Ybbs is a river in Austria, 81 miles long. They say the name has pre-Celtic roots. Ybbsfeldhalle is an impressive venue in a town of Blindenmarkt, which literally means “Blind Market” or the market for the blind (?). I haven’t found yet why. But I am sure there is a story behind. I keep searching.

This year Ybbsfeldhalle is the venue for a premiere. An old operetta was given a new life. Paul Lincke is a German composer. Berliner, to be precise. Born in Berlin in 1866.

The premiere is on the 6th of October. And then runs most of the month, with some matinees available too.

Frau Luna (Ms Moon in a very free translation) is a burlesque. “Castles in the air” is possibly the best-known melody. But somehow I like the march “Berliner Luft” too. Well before all the world wars, good old Berlin where the air (Luft) makes people laugh and dance.