Gaming. And this is not what you might think of…

Gaming is not about gambling. Although I did expect a casino or two around the corner when I first saw the road sign. But no. Betting is not what Gaming in Lower Austria is famous for. By the way, it is pronounced G’ah-ming. Or something to this effect.

There is a famous old monastery,   the Kartause Maria Thronus Iesu and Franciscan University based there. Many young students, picturesque town and a typical Austrian restaurant in the old building of the monastery.

But there is also something else in Gaming, happening once a year and attracting people from all over the world.  Chopin Festival. This year – from the 11th of August till the 13th. Prices are much higher than for other festivals in Austria, but if you like Chopin – it could be worth it.

And this is how the festival looks and sound like. My favourite part starts around 5’07: