Region Haydn.

If it wouldn’t be for the wind during the outdoor reception (yes, the glasses fell down with all the wine ending up on my skirt), I could’ve said that everything last Saturday was perfect.  The programme, the music,  the occasion, food and drink, service, but first of all – the idea itself. To bring together the local communities to celebrate probably the most famous Austrian brothers ever born in the region. Haydn brothers. The initiative is called “Haydn Region” and is basically an attempt to capitalise on the famous compatriot/s.  And why not, as long as it involves a lot of wonderful music and not much of commercial paraphernalia.

The opening ceremony for the initiative took place in Petronell, an impressive castle not far from Rohrau, where both brothers were born. The Haydn Museum was recently renovated (the cost of renovation is over €1.6 mln), and it is definitely worth a visit.  On the 1st of October this year, 11 am there is a matinee there. Adrian Eröd, Baritone, accompanied by Susanna und Manfred Wagner-Artzt.


But back to Saturday, June the 10th. The opening ceremony included not only perfect, great local food and wine, and a lot of speeches in German, but also a very well thought through concert.   Canadian soprano Sarah Marie Kramer and her dramatic  „Scena di Berenice“ was one of the most memorable recent experiences. I guess I finally understood what they were writing about here

This was the programme:


And this is Joseph Haydn “Symphonie mit dem Paukenschlag” Nr 94, a very impressive piece. Enjoy.